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Candy Land Game

Candy Land (Candyland)
is a simple
racing board game. It is often among the first board games played by American children as it requires no reading and minimal counting skills.

The Kids
The Gingerbread People
Mr. Mint
Duke of Swirl
Gramma Nutt (renamed 'Gramma Gooey' after 2010 edition)
King Kandy
Jolly (taken out of the 2010 version)
Plumpy (taken out of the 2002 version)
Mamma Ginger Tree (replaces Plumpy)
Princess Lolly (renamed 'Lolly' after 2002 edition)
Queen Frostine (renamed 'Princess Frostine' after 2002 edition)
Lord Licorice
Gloppy the Molasses Monster (renamed Gloppy the Chocolate Monster)

The game was designed in 1945 by Eleanor Abbott, while she was recovering from
polio in San Diego, California.
The game was bought by
Milton Bradley Company (now owned by Hasbro) and first published in 1949.[2] Hasbro produces several versions of the game and treats it as a brand. For example, they market Candy Land puzzles, a travel version, a PC game, and a handheld electronic version.
A December 2005 article in
Forbes magazine analyzed the most popular American toys by decade, with help from the Toy Industry Association. Candy Land led the list for the 1940-1949 decade.
In June 2010 the video for
Katy Perry's single "California Gurls" bore many resemblances to the game, including a similarly designed board-game box labelled "Candyfornia" opening at the beginning of the track. The video showed Snoop Dogg rolling dice onto a confectionery-themed board, and Perry exploring and meeting candy characters as she moved through the game.
In April 2006, the Flash animation
Charlie the Unicorn made a reference to the game, saying that Charlie and the 2 unicorns are going to "Candy Mountain", with the Candy Mountain cave marquee letters coming down and the 5th letter, y, sings a song. Charlie goes into the cave.
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