domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Las mejores Ideas para el dia de valentine en la Red

Two hearts
2 heart-shaped pieces of oasis florist foamRoses, better if openStrawberriesChocolate to melt1 bowl
First, soak the foam in water for 10 minutes. Just let the water absorb in naturally. The flowers will last longer that way.Then cut the stems of roses to the same heightas the heart.Stick the stems into the foam , leaving room in the middle for the bowl of strawberries and chocolate.Enjoy!
Valentine's Day Dinner Table of Contents
· Kids Can Cook
· Valentine's Day Culinary Poll
· Chocolate on Valentines Day
· Reasons for Dining In On Valentine's Day
· The Reluctant Gourmet Cooking & Recipe Blog
· Let's Start With A Little History
· When Did It Get So Commercial
· The Way To A Woman's Heart
· First Course - Cheese
· What Does Wikipedia Say About Brie
· More First Course - Incredbily Rich Double & Triple Crème Cheeses
· Some of My Favorite "Romantic" Cheeses
· Roses Are Great, But Try Something New
· Great Romantic Movies
· Second Course - Soup
· More Great Soup Recipes For Valentine's Day Dinner
· Third Course - Salad
· How To Make A Basic Vinaigrette At Home
· Set the Mood With the Right Music
· The Most Romantic Albums Of All Time
· Sade's Long Hard Road
· Chateaubriand For Two

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